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What People Are Saying

“Comes through like a punch in the face, unmistakably fun, vibrant, trippy.”

“The six pieces of yours that I have in my home are among my most treasured possessions! Your work brings JOY into people’s homes. A Maria painting is like having a big smile hanging on your wall.”

“Seeing a room full of your work is like seeing twenty-seven sunrises and rainbows all at once!”

“Immediately I like it. You know it when it strikes. It makes me smile. An emotional sight like aromatherapy.”

“Your work makes me happy!”

“Beautiful and transcendent.”


“It’s impossible to look at your work and not smile.”


“Your paintings are joyous, playful, and brave.”


“There is a great peace and cohesiveness in your work.”


“There is feeling in your art. Powerful.”


“The walls are just vibrating with a positive charge!”


“Colorful, lots of energy, and great vibes!”


“The whole room comes alive with color.”


“Your work is so moving…thank you for making art that heals.”


“Quite complex…always with an eye for the positive in life.”


“Colorful, joyful and whimsical.”