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About Maria

I was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and I earned a BA in Fine Arts in 1994 from Hofstra University. Within a year of graduating, I moved to Maine, and have since made this beautiful state my home.

Since selling my first piece in 1996, I’ve been consistently involved in showing my work in both group and solo settings.

In July 2007, I decided to intensify my commitment to my art and have since painted every day. When traveling doesn’t allow me to be in front of my easel, I bring along a sketchbook.

My work has been described as joyful, fun, mystical, and colorful. I give myself up to the process and just let things flow; subject matter is whatever grabs me at the moment.

There is plenty of darkness in the world already; I try to infuse my work with light, love, and positive energy.

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